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Facts About Bullard, TX

Bullard, Texas, is a rapidly growing city that offers a wealth of opportunities for investors in commercial real estate. Bullard is between Tyler and Jacksonville on HWY 69.

Bullard is a prime development location, boasting a robust economic environment and a thriving community.

Bullard is an attractive option for those looking to invest in commercial properties:

Growing Population and Affluent Demographics

Bullard has experienced significant population growth over the past decade, a trend that is projected to continue. This growth, coupled with an affluent demographic profile, has resulted in a median household income well above the state average.

This combination of growth and wealth translates into increased demand for retail, office, and specialized commercial spaces, offering lucrative opportunities for investors and developers.

Strategic Location for Business Expansion

Strategically located along major transportation routes, Bullard serves as a gateway between the larger economic hubs of East Texas.

Bullard’s location makes it ideal for businesses looking to expand their reach without the overhead costs associated with larger cities.

Diverse Economic Base with Room for Growth

Top-rated schools and nearby medical facilities add to the city’s appeal for professionals and families alike, further driving economic activity and commercial real estate demand.