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Commercial real estate can be complex and intimidating, but with Burns Commercial Properties by your side, navigating the market becomes a seamless and empowering experience.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot for your new venture, land to develop commercial properties or an investment opportunity, we can help you buy, sell, or lease your commercial property.

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From investors to commercial property owners or business owners looking to downsize or expand, we can help you achieve your commercial property goals.

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Facts About Emory, TX

Emory, Texas, is a gem in Rains County. It embodies the charm and potential of small-town America and offers unique opportunities for commercial real estate investors and business owners alike.


Perfectly situated at the crossroads of State Highways 19 and 69, Emory serves as a central hub in East Texas and is seated between Lake Fork and Lake Tawakoni.

Burns Commercial Properties is your trusted partner in exploring the commercial real estate landscape of Emory, TX.

Whether you’re considering opening a new storefront, expanding your operations, or investing in property, Emory offers an inviting country backdrop.

Discover the opportunities awaiting in Emory, where community and business grow hand in hand.