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Facts About Longview, TX

Longview, Texas, is a city that not only thrives on its rich history and vibrant culture but also boasts a growing economy and community that directly benefit business owners in the surrounding areas, including Kilgore, Henderson, and Tyler. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, lease property, or find a dependable property manager, Longview presents unparalleled opportunities.


Situated on the I-20 corridor, with easy access to major highways and railroads, Longview offers exceptional connectivity to the broader Texas market and beyond.

This accessibility is a boon for Longview business owners, enabling quick and efficient transport of goods and services, as well as access to a larger customer base.


With a population nearing 83,000, the city of Longview presents a robust market for both budding and established businesses.

For those operating in Longview, this means being part of a community that embraces and supports business ventures, laying a strong foundation for starting, growing, or investing in your business within the area.

Business Environment

Longview, Texas, boasts a vibrant business environment, supported by key players across various sectors.

Notably, Eastman Chemical Company stands out as a major employer and economic driver. Alongside, LeTourneau University contributes to the city’s innovation and workforce development, especially in engineering and aeronautics.

The healthcare sector, led by Christus Good Shepherd Health System, further solidifies Longview’s economic foundation, offering ample employment and supporting the local economy. These institutions underscore Longview’s appeal for business investment and growth.

Burns Commercial Properties is here to guide you through Longview’s dynamic market, ensuring you find the perfect match for your business needs.

Explore the opportunities that await in Longview, TX, and let us help you achieve your commercial real estate goals.