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Facts About Whitehouse, TX

Whether the goal is to buy, sell, lease property, or secure a competent property manager, understanding Whitehouse’s strategic merits is key.


Whitehouse is located in just a stone’s throw away from Tyler. It offers the perfect mix of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility.


With a population that’s on a steady incline, currently nearing 9,200 residents, Whitehouse is more than just a dot on the map—it’s a growing community with a diverse demographic.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, this means access to an expanding customer base and a growing pool of potential employees, essential components for both immediate and scalable business models.

Business Environment

The business environment in Whitehouse, Texas, is thriving and supportive, fostering a wide range of opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Although Whitehouse itself is a growing hub for small to medium-sized enterprises, especially in retail, services, and dining, it benefits significantly from the economic activities of nearby Tyler.

With it’s close proximity to Tyler, Whitehouse offers a dynamic business environment conducive to growth and development.

If you are looking to navigate the commercial real estate waters in Whitehouse, TX, Burns Commercial Properties is here to help.

We help owners who want to see what Whitehouse has to offer. Whether it’s finding the perfect spot for your next venture, expanding your property portfolio, or managing your assets, Whitehouse presents a landscape ripe with potential.